I want to thank you for your interest in Williams Logistic Transport, LLC. We pride ourselves in a culture of service where we value, anticipate and exceed our customers’ expectations. We also believe this type of service is not achieved without developing strong partnerships with each of our service providers – the carrier.

We are dedicated to providing our customers and carriers alike responsive, equitable and unmatched service.

Enclosed you will find our carrier set-up packet along with our company information. Included in the packet are:

  • Carrier Profile Form
  • Broker- Motor Carrier Agreement
  • Blank W-9 Form
  • Carrier Contract Addendum
  • Workman’s Compensation Exclusion Declaration
  • Carb / TRU Compliance Statement
  • Motor Carrier Payment Policy
  • ACH Authorization Form and/or Quick Pay request (as applicable)
  • New Carrier Questionnaire (New Carriers Only)
  • Williams Logistic Transport, LLC Information Page
  • Williams Logistic Transport, LLC Brokerage Authority
  • Williams Logistic Transport, LLC Surety Bond Verification
  • Williams Logistic Transport, LLC W-9

After reviewing the attached documents, it is important that you return the following information by fax (800-929-1914, ext. 101) or by email (

  • Carrier Profile Form (Complete ALL sections)
  • Copy of your Motor Carrier / ICC Authority
  • Copy of HazMat permit (if HazMat hauler)
  • Broker- Motor Carrier Agreement (Initial all pages; sign last page of the agreement)
  • Completed W-9 Form
  • Carrier Contract Addendum
  • Certificate of Insurance for Cargo Liability Insurance naming Williams Logistic Transport, LLC as Additional Loss Payee and Certificate Holder. (Minimum of $100,000 single occurrence)
  • Note: Please have COI to reflect Reefer Breakdown on your policy if you operate reefer equipment
  • Workman’s Compensation Exclusion Declaration
  • Certificate of Insurance for Workers’ Compensation Insurance. (If you are NOT required by law to carry this insurance, you need to furnish a page with written proof of the exclusion with a company authorized signature and date – attached).
  • Carb / TRU Compliance Statement
  • Motor Carrier Payment Policy
  • ACH Authorization Form
  • Quick Pay request (If applies)
  • New Carrier Questionnaire (If applies)

We look forward to working with you.

Download the Broker Carrier Agreement here