Flatbed Shipping

What is Flatbed Shipping and What are the Benefits?

Flatbed shipping is most suitable for the transport of products that cannot be transported in containers or dry vans. Flatbed shipping is available as either Full Truckloads (FTL) or Less Than Truckloads (LTL). Flatbed shipping can be used to transport a variety of types of freight such as building materials, large equipment, and other machinery.


Flatbed shipments offer a great dimensional flexibility allowing for nearly any size or shape load. Moreover, these shipments are more convenient because heavy loads can simply be loaded on the truck or taken off using a crane or a winch. Therefore, construction sites and shipping points where docks are not available or situations where loading and unloading have to be quickly done under a tight schedule are perfect situations for using flatbed shipments methods.


There are several types of trailers available for used in flatbed shipping based upon the type of load is being carried or how the freight is going to be loaded. The common trailer types are standard flatbeds, drop decks, extendable step decks, and removable goosenecks. Additionally, for those with special flatbed shipping needs. A variety of other types of equipment and components may be required to secure freight and keep it safe during transport. This includes traps, chains, or coil racks.


Experienced Flatbed Carrier Network


Williams Logistic Transport, LLC ensures Customers shipments are handled by Carriers with a demonstrated wealth of experience transporting flatbed freight. Following our same thorough Carrier vetting process, we ensure we continually build a flatbed Carrier Network to provide our customers with access to flatbed capacity Nationwide. Williams Logistic Transport, LLC understands the diversity of each Customer and realizes the different shipping needs each Customer may have. Williams Logistic Transport, LLC works with various Carrier to provide a mixture of flatbed equipment types and sizes along with any necessary components such as tarps, straps, chains or coil racks.

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