Referral Program

Residual Income for Life!

Williams Logistic Transport, LLC has developed a referral program that not only benefits us, but also benefits those customers and Carriers that refer other customers and Carrier. We want to separate ourselves from most others in the industry, that possibly provide small onetime referral payments or thank you letters by providing a residual form of income through your referrals. As a company that prides itself on being “Family Oriented”, we understand that our company remains successful through the support of our customers and Carrier. Therefore, we can find no other way to repay each of you then by providing a referral program that also rewards each of you for the success of the Williams Logistic Transport, LLC Family.

Our REFERRAL PROGRAM provides each Customer or Carrier that refers another Customer or Carrier with residual income for the LIFETIME of the referral account Customer or Carrier Agreement. So long as the Customer or Carrier signs a Customer or Carrier Agreement with Williams Logistic Transport, LLC, we are going to pay you on a monthly basis 10% of the actual profit that the REFERRED ACCOUNT generated.

To get started, send the referral to Williams Logistic Transport, LLC. Be sure to include the company name, point of contact, title of the point of contact, email address, and phone number. Have a conversation with the decision maker at the company to seek their permission to refer them, and let them know they should speak with us to see how we can benefit their business.